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Biology (English Dentistry Division)

Dear Students, 

Lectures except the first (5.10.23) one are held online - Microsoft Teams platform

Seminars and Exercises are held stationary in the Department rooms. 

Materials for classes are published on the e-learning platform in the appropriate bookmarks for a given course. Link to the page:


All necessary information about the classes you can obtain at the Department's Office or via e-mail to

Classes take place every Thursday at:

Department of Experimental Physiology and Pathophysiology, 
3c Pawińskiego Street
Seminar Room at the Department. 

LECTURES (8:00-9:30)


Medical aspects of ecology. Abiotic and biotic factors of the environment. Environmental impact on human health. (Room 6 at the Department)


Influence of bacteria and other microorganisms inhabiting a human being on human health. (e-learning)


Interactions in the parasite-host system. (e-learning)

26.10.2023  External parasites - a source of dangerous diseases for the doctor. (e-learning)

Seminars (8:00 - 10:45)

2.11.2023                       Mendelian genetics. Inheritance. 
09.11.2023 Mutagenesis. 

Molecular biology techniques used in mutation detection and diagnosis of human genetic diseases.

Practical classes (8:00-11:00)

23.11.2023 Wrys and tapes. 
30.11.2023 Protozoa. 
07.12.2023 Nematode
14.12.2023 Parasitic insects

The final test will take place on  from  to .


Obligatory literature:

1. Web Atlas of Medical Parasitology.

2. Molecular Biology 4th Edition. Robert F. Weaver, 2007.

Supplementary textbooks:

1. Markell and Voge’s Medical Parasitology. D.T. John, W.A. Petri. Saunders Company.

2. Molecular Biology. David P. Clark, 2009.